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Why should you be interested in knowing more about aging?

We are all aging. Right now.



Approximately 15% of Canada's population is over 65; by 2024, is expected to reach 20% (CIHI, 2011). With the advent of health care advances and new technologies, people are living longer and continuing to contribute to their communities. Regardless of your major or education level, knowledge about how to communicate, empathize with and understand the priorities and interests of an aging population is important for a variety of careers and life experiences.  


…you're an engineer working in medical devices and assistive technologies. Your company's biggest client base is individuals over 75 years old.
…you're a manager assembling your next project team. Your team members are 24, 33, 47 and 63. How do you empower their unique strengths and skillsets and encourage teamwork?
…you're a financial planner. Your client is trying to plan for the future with aging parents and three small children.
…you're a health care provider. About 40% of acute hospitalizations are for patients over 65 (CIHI, 2011) and there are over 78,000 long-term care home beds in the province
…you're in communications, and your top demographics are 25-35 and 55-65 year olds.
Enhancing your knowledge about our aging population will help prepare you for experiences you may have in your personal and professional life. It will also provide you with knowledge and skills to support optimal aging in your own community.
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