Healthcare Professional Opportunities

McMaster offers learning opportunities for healthcare professionals interested in learning more about aging and working with older adults through structured courses that build on their existing skills.

Regional Geriatric Program Certificate Program

The Geriatric Certificate Program aims to improve our aging population’s quality of care through a unique combination of well-developed educational programs. It is a McMaster University-Accredited Certificate Program open to anyone interested in gaining the knowledge and skills required to provide best-practice geriatric care. In both the Regulated and Non-Regulated education streams, learners complete five required and two elective courses.

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This series of ten easy-to-understand lessons, helpful resources and a built-in online community is designed to help provide information to people caring for adults with dementia to reduce stress and increase the quality of life for caregivers and patients. It is free and can be accessed from anywhere on your desktop, tablet, or phone.

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Volunteer And Community Engagement Opportunities

McMaster and other organizations in Hamilton offer a variety of volunteer and community engagement opportunities for students interested in working with older adults outside of their academic work. 

  • McMaster PACE (Physical Activity Centre of Excellence) offers community exercise and wellness programs for individuals over 55, with specialized programs for individuals with heart disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, or who are cancer survivors. They seek volunteers during the academic year.

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We are happy to answer questions from current and prospective McMaster trainees as well as faculty members about our opportunities for trainee funding.

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