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our approach

Through our approach to interdisciplinary research, the development of novel training programs, community engagement and knowledge mobilization, MIRA’s research outcomes have real impact and influence on the well-being of older adults locally and globally.

Interdisciplinary Research

Weaving together diverse perspectives and expertise is central to MIRA’s work. Our impact is multiplied by bringing together researchers and knowledge users from difference disciples to see issues from all sides.


By training the next generation of leading aging researchers around principles of interdisciplinarity, community engagement and knowledge mobilization, we are extending our impact on the well-being of older adults into the future.

Community Engagement

Connecting community members and researchers helps us understand the needs and experiences of the people most affected by our work. MIRA supports an engaged community network with research and learning opportunities around aging.

Knowledge Mobilization

MIRA engages knowledge users throughout the research process to develop projects based on their needs and delivers timely, relevant, actionable evidence to optimizing the aging process for everyone.

Our Faculty

MIRA members represent 46 departments and all six Faculties at McMaster University. The researchers in our interdisciplinary network work together to improve the lives of older adults and create new understanding about aging.

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Design Thinking

generating human-centred solutions

Rather than working to solve a specific problem, Design Thinking starts with a goal and explores multiple, alternative solutions simultaneously — integrating end users from the outset to ensure all perspectives are considered.

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Aging Research

MIRA and its Research Centres support interdisciplinary projects that aim to improve the lives of older adults.

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Research Centres

Through the Labarge Centre for Mobility in Aging and the MIRA | Dixon Hall Centre, MIRA is a leading institute for aging research in Canada.

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Research Projects

From catalyst projects to major programs, MIRA is advancing ambitious research that focuses on optimal aging.

Funding Opportunities

Providing the resources for innovative research

Through a portfolio of funding streams, the MIRA supports interdisciplinary research on aging led by faculty members from across all six McMaster Faculties as well as trainees working with MIRA members. 

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Reimagine aging with us

MIRA is always looking for new members who are keen to be part of an interdisciplinary network of researchers committed to research that makes an impact on the lives of older adults.

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Our Partners

MIRA’s success is only possible through close work with partners at McMaster, nationally and internationally.

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Aging resources for researchers, knowledge users and policymakers.

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