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Writing of age: Linguistic markers of cognitive, emotional, and social well-being among older adults 

2019 CAT - Writing of Age - TEAM Kyrolainen-Kuperman-Gillett 

Project Description

Social isolation and loneliness has been linked to decreased physical and mental
well-being but is challenging to recognize. The ability to share life experiences with others provides a
unique opportunity for increased social interaction among older adults, even when physical mobility is
limited. Through the prism of language and a large-scale online effort to collect written life stories, this
study will enable older adults to both share and tap into the experiences of others, boosting their social
network and providing professionals with tools for identifying individuals at risk of social isolation.

"MIRA/Labarge funding contributes to develop non-invasive methods to identify at-risk older adults and promote social engagement."

— Victor Kuperman 




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