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The ultrastructure of osteoporotic bone and its medical implications in aging populations

115-catalyst grant-2018

Project Description

Osteoporosis is a chronic condition that affects older adults. It is characterized by significant loss in bone mineral density, and often associated with increased fracture frequency which is a contributing factor to decreased mobility in older adults. However, the origin of this decreased bone density at the nanometer level of bone remains unknown. This project combines engineers, basic scientists, clinicians, geriatricians and orthopaedic surgeons to explore the origin of changes in osteoporotic bone at the nanoscale using advanced high-resolution microscopy, and to determine how a better understanding of osteoporotic bone structure at the nanoscale impacts current therapeutics, implant design and fracture prevention.

"Funding from the Labarge Catalyst Grant has allowed us to probe osteoporotic bone structure at unprecedented scales with advanced microscopes. We are on track for identifying a new biomarker for osteoporosis detectable only at the nanoscale. This will shed new light on the disease and possibilities for treatment."

— Kathryn Grandfield



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