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Movement sonification for testing mobility in the context of interacting with complex environments 

2019 CAT - Movement Sonification - TEAM Dotov-Trainor-Beauchamp

Project Description

The ability to predict fall risk in older adults is important. While effective interventions exist, clinical screening tests for balance and mobility often fall short. Simple lab-based tests may not fully capture abilities to perform sensory-motor interactions with everyday complex and dynamically changing environments. This research examined participants' postural control responses to perturbations in concurrent activities. Participants' ability to coordinate or de-couple these two simultaneous levels of motor control will be used as a potential predictor of other established variables linked to risk of falling.

“The funding allowed us to explore a unique perspective on a common problem and our plans, halted for now, were to test this perspective and also to advertise it as an entertaining task.”

— Laurel Trainor




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