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How can we improve mobility through alternative transportation modes for seniors? Measuring what works and what does not work in road safety improvements for pedestrians and cyclists 

Project Description

2019 CAT - How Can We Improve - PI Grignon 2

Hamilton was designed for cars and drivers and, therefore, its streets are not always
safe or pleasurable for pedestrians and cyclists. This results in reduced use of active transportation
modes. Older adults are more likely to be the victims of collisions as pedestrians. Older citizens residing in safer environments are much more likely to walk and reach a level of healthy activity. This project will measure the effectiveness of various interventions that will allow the City to implement the most cost-effective traffic-calming measures to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

"Thanks to this funding, our team has made good progress to refine the methodology on key aspects (exposure, data quality) and we have generated findings that are of interest to community stakeholders in Hamilton.”

— Michel Grignon 



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