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MIRA Trainee Talks: Brad Currier

Published: ​November 18, 2019 | By Sydney Valentino

Bradley Currier, an MSc student, working with Dr. Stuart Phillips in the Department of Kinesiology, delivered a research talk on:

“The combination of eggs, as a nutrient rich source of protein, along with exercise in healthy aging”

Following Brad has summarized the main take-home points of his talk…

  • Current literature shows that overall dietary protein consumption needs to be higher than the current recommended dietary allowance (RDA). Particularly, consumption needs to be higher in older adults to help combat sarcopenia. Additionally, egg consumption has been de-emphasized in Canada’s newly revised food guide. 
  • Although currently awaiting HiREB approval (hoping to begin January 2020), we will aim to recruit 48 generally healthy men and women between the ages of 60-75.
  • The proposed trial is 12 weeks long and requires participants to consume a high-protein diet while completing 3 supervised exercise sessions per week at PACE. The study’s outcomes include: protein consumption (specifically, meal-to-meal), body composition, micronutrient intake, vascular health and blood metabolites (including lipid concentrations).
  • Our experimental group’s high-protein diet will contain a much greater proportion of eggs so we can assess eggs as a nutrient-dense source of dietary protein. 
  • This research will aim to maximize diet and exercise, as a whole-lifestyle approach, to mitigate disease and increase quality of life
This ​blog post was first published by the MIRA Trainee Network. Read the original article.​​

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