New EMBOLDEN publication: Older adults and service providers as partners in co-design

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Hot off the presses!

The EMBOLDEN trial’s latest publication, on the impact of older adults and service providers as research partners in trial co-design, is available now in BMC Research Involvement and Engagement.

Key takeaways of the publication

  1. Older adults can make important contributions to improve health interventions, community programming and evaluation activities through their lived experience and community connections.
  2. Impact evaluation of engagement activities is just as important to older adults as it is to researchers, funders and policymakers.
  3. Older adults and service providers can meaningfully impact all stages of health research.

Strategic Guiding Council (SGC) impacts summarized

Preparatory Stage

  • Expand SGC membership to include diverse voices
  • Choose meaningful language
  • Help researchers understand community

Execution Stage

  • Interpreting supporting evidence to identify priority features of the program
  • Refining outcomes
  • Transitioning to virtual pilor
  • Recruiting participants

Translational Stage

  • Co-created knowledge translation
  • Infographics
  • Research briefs
  • Study website
  • Conference presentations
  • Peer-reviewed publications

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