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Agneta Malmgren FängeDr. Agneta Malmgren Fänge's research focuses on different interventions to enhance and improve the life situation for people living with a neurocognitive disorders and their informal caregivers. This includes the work situation among their formal caregivers. Ongoing projects target: Effects of using virtual communities of practice on quality of life, autonomy and citizenship; Effects for formal and informal caregivers of using technical monitoring devices in the homes; Fall prevention interventions in ordinary homes and in sheltered housing facilities. The projects also include the development of digital educational platforms for staff training and support, as well as the development of different technology implementation strategies for municipality staff.

Fänge's research also focuses experimental health science and the detailed study of people’s activity in laboratory as well as in built and natural environments, within the project Human movement in activity. The context of the research is the Movement and Reality Lab, MoRe-Lab, at the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University. Sensor-based technology and AI is applied for data collection and analysis and different methods are validated for use also out of the laboratory context, i.e., using the MoRe-Lab mobile platform. 

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