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About Us

Welcome to MIRA, McMaster University’s cross-Faculty research institute for advancing the science of aging. Aging is a social force worldwide, and the rising age of our population profoundly impacts individuals, families, communities, and health and social care systems. While the growing population of older adults in Canada should be celebrated as a success, there are also challenges in developing policies and solutions that consider the older adults and citizens who will be most impacted.   

MIRA’s approach is to conduct research in cross-Faculty teams and engage the older adult community, their families, healthcare providers and other key stakeholders through every stage of our activities, from research to evaluation and implementation of interventions and technologies. The input of multiple perspectives and complementary areas of expertise will ensure that our research is, from the outset, optimized to create useable, practical, older adult-centred solutions that promote aging in place.

Our Story

MIRA grew out of recognition that the best way to tackle the complex issues facing an aging population was as an organized, interdisciplinary team that integrates the input of older adults and multiple perspectives. MIRA has mobilized researchers at McMaster to coordinate their efforts to enhance the University's research strengths in aging. Please explore this website for more details about MIRA's approach.  

Our Inspiration


Our Mission 

Our mission is to optimize the health and longevity of the aging population through leading-edge research, education and stakeholder collaborations, while upholding the values of integrity, excellence, interdisciplinary collaboration and transparency. We will transform the experience of aging by transforming the science of aging.

Welcome Message

Message from McMaster University President, Patrick Deane

McMaster University has amplified its support for aging research and education by creating the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA). MIRA is an umbrella organization that coordinates initiatives across all McMaster Faculties focused on aging. The institute uses a collaborative approach throughout the research process, involving cross-Faculty teams working alongside key stakeholders and end-users, which will ignite innovation to create human-centred solutions for the most pressing challenges facing our aging population. These solutions will allow older Canadians to spend more years living well with health, independence and autonomy.

MIRA is generating groundbreaking discoveries and leveraging global partnerships to address gaps in knowledge on aging. Our goal is to efficiently and effectively translate this knowledge where it will make a direct and real difference in the lives of older Canadians. We will do this by drawing on our strengths in evidence-based research and knowledge translation, building on our leading-edge platforms for aging research, and by harnessing our relationships with government, corporate and community partners. Moreover, we will train Canada’s future leaders by providing critical skills in translational and cross-disciplinary research focused on the important issues confronting older adults in our society.

We value your interest and input, which are critical as McMaster University takes this transformational step forward to enhance its capacity and reputation in research on aging.

Dr. Patrick Deane

President, McMaster University

Email MIRA at:       Follow us on Twitter : @MIRAMcMaster
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