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International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC)

The ISAC is composed of highly accomplished and world-renowned scientists who are active in aging research internationally. The Committee is an integral scientific oversight body that collaborates with the Scientific and Managing Directors to ensure that the research activities of MIRA and its corresponding Centres contribute to meeting their respective mission and goals. The ISAC also ensures objectivity and a high standard of scientific excellence when making decisions about research priorities and performance. 


​Members of the ISAC


The ISAC is responsible for advising the Scientific and Managing Directors on the relevance and quality of the research outcomes of MIRA and its corresponding Centres, as well as assisting in decision-making regarding areas of research focus and peer review of strategic initiatives annually. The ISAC will also advise on potential international collaboration and partnership opportunities with a particular focus on research, but also potentially impacting MIRA's knowledge translation, training and education, and external relations activities. 

In particular, the ISAC: 

  • Provides advice on strategic priorities;
  • Participates in scientific review of projects, proposals, and plans in the form of iterative feedback on development of projects, rather than ranking many proposals in a competition;
  • Identifies opportunities for MIRA to raise its profile, join a collaboration or apply for funding;
  • Helps develop plans for increasing the visibility of MIRA.
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