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Meanings of (im)mobilities:  A ‘new mobilities’ perspective

067-amanda grenier-2016

Traditional assumptions about mobility in later life remain fixed around ideas of function and physical movement. The ‘New Mobilities’ perspective, however, challenges such understandings, drawing attention to the complex power relations and privileges of mobility that operate across a range of relationships, settings, sites and contexts. This pilot study provides insight on mobility while aging through 15 exploratory interviews with older people at three social locations, including five individuals considered frail, five who are aging with a disability and five who self-identify as active. In doing so, the study explores the extent to which social, political and environmental factors have the ability to enhance the mobility of some and the immobility of others through opportunities, access, transportation, technology and networks. Ultimately, this project attempts to better understand mobility while aging to optimize the well-being of older adults.

"The Labarge funds have allowed us to connect with groups of older people whose voices are often silenced in the conversations on aging and mobility in order to enhance understandings of mobility beyond movement and physical function."


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